Constellium expands operations in Neckarsulm–Dahenfeld, Germany

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Constellium N.V. has expanded its operations in Neckarsulm-Dahenfeld, Germany, to increase supply the of aluminium automotive structures.

The Dahenfeld plant is dedicated to the production of aluminium structural components for automakers in Europe, including various premium and performance vehicles. Constellium will manufacture a wide range of components for the body structure of a premium sports car from a new production hall. The expansion, which increases the production area by 5,000 to nearly 14,000 square metres, enables Constellium to increase production capacity and manufacturing capabilities for its key customers. Constellium currently employs 145 people in Dahenfeld and expects to create around 30 new jobs at the plant by the end of 2019.

Enhanced capabilities at the plant include new fully automated robotic assembly cells with integrated measurement for quality assurance. Using state-of-the-art joining techniques such as flow drill screws, self-piercing rivets, and bonding, Constellium Dahenfeld is able to deliver aluminium structural assemblies consisting of up to 20 individual components including extrusions, castings and sheet materials.

The extrusions for these components are supplied by Constellium’s internal network of hard and soft alloy plants. Constellium is uniquely positioned to provide a broad range of expertise and services from alloy development to product design to extrusion manufacturing and component assembly.

“As a full-service supplier of prototyping, testing and production of aluminium structural components, we expect the expansion of our Dahenfeld plant to help Constellium meet the automotive industry’s growing demand for partners who can provide a range of value-added services,” said Lionel Chapis, managing director of Constellium’s global Automotive Structures business.

Further, the Dahenfeld plant has installed additional CNC machining, robotic weld cells and other technologies to increase the value-added services it provides to automakers.  The expansion supplements mechanical processing machines, surface treatment and heat treatment, as well as a quality lab for process approval and quality tests at all production stages up to the end product.

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