‪Rusal plans to install modern gas cleaning systems at its smelters

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Russia’s aluminium producer Rusal plans to install over 20 state-of-the-art dry gas cleaning systems at its smelters by 2025. These advanced systems were developed by Rusal itself and the new equipment will allow the company to capture over 99.5 % of hydrogen fluoride and solid fluorides.

The project to retrofit Rusal’s smelters with own dry gas cleaning systems (DGCS) was launched in 2016. In October 2019, the Bratsk aluminium smelter put into operation another DGCS, developed and manufactured by the design and scientific divisions of Rusal-SibVami (Irkutsk) and Rusal ITC (Krasnoyarsk). More DGCS are already in operation at the company’s industrial sites in Shelekhov and Novokuznetsk.

As part of Rusal’s environmental action plan for the ‪2020-2024 period, it is expected that another 17 DGCS will be assembled and installed at the Bratsk, Novokuznetsk and Irkutsk aluminium smelters.

“This project is truly unique thanks to our patented design solutions, enabling Rusal to complete the switch to utilizing our own dry gas cleaning systems as part of our EcoSoderberg technology implementation. This innovative new technology outperforms the existing foreign analogues and delivers a superior performance, both in terms of Rusal’s sustainability footprint and overall efficiency characteristics,” said Victor Mann, Rusal’s technical director.

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