Aheadd aluminum powder receives ISO certification

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Constellium secures ISO certifications for supply of Aheadd, high performance aluminum powders for laser powder bed additive manufacturing.

The Constellium Research and Development Center C-TEC has successfully secured International Organization for Standardization (ISO) certifications on quality management, environmental management, and occupational health and safety for the supply of Aheadd aluminum alloy powders for additive manufacturing. The powders are designed and tailored to meet specific customer needs for a range of applications within the aerospace, automotive and defense industries.

Aheadd aluminum powder with high thermal stability

Aheadd powder alloys bring game-changing advantages over aluminum silicon alloys in additive manufacturing productivity, residual stresses, and geometric control, as well as component properties including strength, ductility, thermal and electrical conductivity, surface finishing capabilities, and corrosion performance. In addition, Constellium’s solutions deliver unmatched thermal stability, allowing the replacement of titanium in selected applications to reduce weight and cost.

ISO certification is an important milestone

“This is an important milestone in our pursuit to offer superior aluminum-based solutions to the fast-maturing additive manufacturing industry,” said Alireza Arbab, Head of the Additive Manufacturing team at Constellium C-TEC. “We believe that our alloys can play a significant role in bringing down printing costs, obtaining more consistent product quality, as well as enabling new applications that are not possible today.”

Constellium Aheadd alloys are the focus of several major collaboration programs with OEMs. Constellium will continue to improve its quality, environmental performance, and health and safety procedures to fulfil and surpass the expectations of our demanding customers for their critical applications.

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