Alcoa increases casting capability at Deschambault smelter

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Alcoa prepares to expand casting capacity for standard ingots at its Deschambault smelter
in Canada.

The new casting equipment will be constructed in an existing building, with the project fully complete in the first quarter of 2023. The output from the USD8m return-seeking capital investment will complement the site’s two existing vertical casting pits, which exclusively cast T-bar ingots.

Adding standard ingot casting to the site’s capabilities will allow greater flexibility for alloying in smaller batches to meet customer needs for value-add products such as foundry alloys for the automotive industry. Each standard ingot weighs 10.5 kg.

Expansion project to meet growing demand in North America

“We are working directly with a customer to bring this production capacity online to meet specific needs in the North American market,” said Kelly Thomas, chief commercial officer. “Providing this increased capability at Deschambault is a direct result of collaboration with our location and our customers, and we are proud to see this work get underway.”

Earlier this year, the Deschambault smelter, which is celebrating its 30 th anniversary this year, completed the installation of additional electrical infrastructure that will allow it to continue to creep its production. The smelter has a nameplate capacity of 287,000 tpy of aluminium.

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