Alcoa to supply low-carbon aluminium to Gränges

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Alcoa Corp. has reached an agreement with Gränges for the supply of Ecolum low-carbon aluminium rolling slabs.

Ecolum is part of Alcoa’s Sustana line of low-carbon aluminium products that support supply chain sustainability. Ecolum cast products are produced at hydroelectric-powered aluminium smelters and guarantee no more than 2.5 metric tonnes of carbon dioxide smelter emissions per tonne of aluminium. This is 75 % better than the industry average, claims Alcoa.

When also considering the upstream emissions from bauxite mining and refining, Ecolum guarantees less than 4.0 metric tonnes of total carbon dioxide equivalents, per tonne of aluminium.

Growing demand for low-carbon aluminium

Gränges is a producer of rolled aluminium products for heat exchanger applications and other markets. Sofia Hedevåg, senior VP, Sustainability, commented: “Gränges is committed to reducing our climate impact from a life-cycle perspective, and thereby enhancing our sustainability performance. One of the key priorities in our climate strategy is to collaborate along the value chain and increase the sourcing and use of recycled aluminium and low-carbon primary aluminium since such materials significantly reduce our products’ carbon footprint.”

“Alcoa controls its entire aluminium value chain, beginning with sustainable bauxite mining and an alumina refining system that has the lowest carbon dioxide emissions of any producer – all supplying a smelting system predominately powered with hydroelectric energy,” said Tim Reyes, Alcoa’s chief commercial officer. “There is a growing demand for sustainably-produced materials, with customers acknowledging that it is worth paying extra for these attributes. With our Sustana line of products and certifications from the Aluminium Stewardship Initiative, we are able to support the demand for sustainably produced metal,” he continued.


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