Aldel reopens Potline 1

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Aldel in Delfzijl has reopened Potline 1, following the purchase of the business by York Capital in 2017.

This step is part of the on-going capital investment in both equipment and staff as the plant moves towards full production by the end of 2019. Aldel is looking for employees with the main focus on production and technical support; however, job opportunities are also available in the commercial and IT departments. The company currently has some 500 people on-site: 270 are employees, up from 175 when the business was acquired. As soon as full production is achieved, more than 300 people will be directly employed.


The Aldel plant was established by Alusuisse in 1966. It is the only remaining smelter in The Netherlands. The smelter filed for insolvency at the end of 2013. The plant was acquired by York Capital in November 2017 and is investing significantly to return the plant to its original production levels of more than 150,000 tonnes per year of extrusion billets and rolling ingots. Aldel plays an important role in helping balance the Dutch energy grid as the share of fluctuating renewable energies in the energy mix has increased in recent years.

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