Amag develops aluminium wheel from recycled alloy

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Amag, Ranshofen, developed globally unique, recycling-friendly alloy AlSi7.Rec for wheels and wheel assemblies. The market launch for two Audi electric vehicles already completed

Light alloy wheels made of aluminium are now standard equipment in almost every passenger car and, with a total weight of often more than 40 kg, account for a considerable proportion of the aluminium used in vehicles. With the newly developed aluminium recycling casting alloy AlSi7.REC, it is possible for the first time to meet the high safety and aesthetic requirements of a car wheel in a CO2-optimised way.

 Cooperation between Amag and Audi

In intensive collaboration with Audi, Amag has now succeeded in developing the new Amag AlSi7.Rec alloy with a recycled content of over 70 % in accordance with ISO 14021:2016. The new alloy was then cast into wheels by the Ronal Group.

 Recycling alloy with new chemical composition

The AlSi7.Rec alloy has a new chemical composition that makes it possible to significantly increase the recycling content and thus also to use scrap that could not be used for this type of component until now. The high recycling content is associated with a significant reduction in CO2 emissions. This alloy therefore also falls under the new product family of CO2-optimised Amag alloys Amag AL-4-ever. It is found in the aluminium wheel, which is available as an Audi Original Accessory for the Audi Q4 e-tron and Audi Q4 Sportback e-tron electric vehicles.

 Product ready for series manufacturing

"We are proud that Amag, in close cooperation with Audi, was able to develop the first recycling-friendly alloy as a basis for safety-relevant components such as wheels and wheel assemblies. Sustainability is an elementary component of our corporate self-image. Amag's materials competence, coupled with its world-leading expertise in aluminium recycling, made it possible to develop a great product ready for series manufacturing. We would like to thank our customer and partner Audi for the excellent cooperation in this project and the series implementation in very attractive new aluminium wheels," said Gerald Mayer, CEO of Amag Austria Metall AG.

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