Amag expands its rooftop photovoltaic plant

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Austria's largest rooftop photovoltaic plant with an area of 55,000 m² is being expanded.

The collector surface of the rooftop photovoltaic plant commissioned about nine months ago at the Amag site in Ranshofen is being expanded by 5,000 m². In further steps, the expansion to around 120,000 square metres and thus a doubling is in preparation.

Extension of the existing rooftop photovoltaic system

With another 5,000 square metres on the roofs of the new logistics hall, the entire plant now covers an area of nine football fields or 60,000 m². Annual production increases to 7.3 GWh with the expansion. This amount of energy could supply around 2,000 households with electricity. The green electricity generated is used exclusively at Amag and supplements the electricity mix, which has already consisted of 100 % renewable sources for several years. With the expansion of the rooftop photovoltaic system, Amag is taking a further step towards CO2 neutrality, which is being supported by ongoing technological improvements and innovations to increase energy efficiency.

Annual energy production of 7.3 GWh

In preparation for the substitution of fossil energy, AMAG is investigating the impact of alternative energy sources on production processes along with product properties in current research projects. The upcoming large-scale investments require extensive preparation and planning assurance within the framework conditions. This includes the readily available supply of green energy at internationally competitive prices, an effective infrastructure and efficient dealings with relevant authorities.

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