Amag: New high-tech cladding station officially commissioned

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Amag’s newly constructed cladding station was officially commissioned on 11 February.

The facility forms part of the Amag 2020 expansion project, which – together with the new cold rolling mill and a multitude of other final plants – marks an important milestone for the company’s successful future.

“The new plants expands our technological expertise and boosts our competitive strengths. With special multi-layer material composites made of aluminium, we are meeting the future requirements of our customers, especially from the heat exchanger and aviation industries,”commented management board chairman (CEO) Helmut Wieser at the opening ceremony.

Upper Austria is not only strong in metal production, but also in mechanical and plant engineering. This is clearly demonstrated by Amag’s cooperation with its project partners Fill and Fronius. The plant ordered by Amag and entailing an investment volume of four million euros was constructed by the company Fill as general contractor and equipped with state-of-the-art welding technology (CMT, Cold Metal Transfer plant) from Fronius. Two fully automated welding robots are deployed at the new cladding station, thereby ensuring the highest and most consistent quality in the welding process. An important innovation of the plant is its ability to process material in excess of two metres in width. This is of particular interest for the future production of clad aviation materials.

Cladding technology is mainly utilized in the production of brazing material for cooling systems and heat exchangers in vehicles, buildings, machines and plants. Brazing strips consist of a composite of aluminium alloys with different technological properties. Amag’s future direction in the field of brazing materials will be towards corrosion-resistant aluminium sheets and strips for the aviation industry, among other sectors. This area will report rapid growth in the coming years. According to current estimates, around 40,000 new aircraft will be required over the next twenty years.

Since the start of its plant expansion in the 2012 to 2018 period, Amag has invested a total of 620 million euros in Upper Austria.



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