Anti-dumping duties on Chinese aluminium products suspended

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The EU Commission has decided to impose definite anti-dumping duties on flat-rolled aluminium products from China.

However, the anti-dumping duties on rolled aluminium products from China will be suspended until 12 July 2022. The Commission justifies the suspension with current supply bottlenecks on the European market for semi-finished products.

Suspension of duties on rolled aluminium products “illogical”

The industry body European Aluminium (EA) criticizes the 9-month suspension of these duties. Gerd Götz, EA’s director general, says: “The definitive anti-dumping duties set by the Commission are justified, balanced and long-overdue. China has been dumping underpriced and high-carbon aluminium on our market for many years, jeopardizing the viability of our industry in the long run while compromising the EU’s Green Deal ambitions. The decision to suspend the definitive duties is illogical and goes against the assertive trade defence policy announced by the Commission. We urge the European Commission to annul the duty suspension and effectively leverage its trade defence tools to level the playing field for European aluminium producers.”

Carte blanche to high-carbon aluminium imports

Besides the long-term economic blow, the suspension will give a carte blanche to China’s dumped high-carbon aluminium imports, he says, while the European aluminium industry has proven to hold sufficient capacity to supply Europe’s aluminium demand with more sustainable aluminium. The carbon footprint of European primary aluminium production is one of the lowest globally: around 7 kg of CO2 per kg Al compared to 20 kg of CO2 per kg Al in China, EA stresses.

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