ASK Chemicals celebrates 10th anniversary of its foundry pilot plant

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ASK Chemicals celebrates the 10th anniversary of its foundry pilot plant at the company headquarters in Hilden.

As the first foundry supplier, the company opened an efficient pilot plant in Hilden more than ten years ago, which today is an essential part of the internal product development activities. From the outset, the management placed great emphasis on technical services and continuously pursued the development and expansion of its pilot plant.

The establishment of the foundry pilot plant enables ASK Chemicals to close the gap between product development and customer application quickly and efficiently. By simulating the customer process in the pilot plant, the company is able to implement the right solution for the customer with only a few iteration loops. Over the past ten years, ASK has continuously invested to provide its customers with value-added products and solutions. The most recent investment is the 3D printing laboratory set up two years ago for the application-oriented development of inorganic and organic binders for 3D sand printing.

In addition to its core functions, the pilot plant also plays a central role in the development of prototypes for innovation projects – such as the further development of Inotec technology – on which ASK Chemicals works together with select customers. In this way, the performance spectrum of current developments can flow directly into the customer process without customers having to take on a high investment risk with regard to machine technology.

Jörg Brotzki, executive VP of ASK Chemicals, said: “The network concept, the qualification of our teams and their passion for the field of casting are key success factors when it comes to developing innovative and value-adding solutions for our customers. We recognized this early on and have been relying on this recipe for success for more than ten years, in which the pilot plant plays a central role."

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