Ball brings aluminium cup to major retailers in the US

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Ball’s first-of-its-kind aluminium cup is now available for purchase at major retailers in all 50 US States.

Between May and June, the cups will be available for the first time in more than 18,000 food, drug and mass retailers. “We are excited to reenter the B2C market with the retail rollout of the innovative and infinitely recyclable Ball Aluminium Cup,” says Ball’s president Dan Fisher. And Sebastian Siethoff, general manager, Cups, explains: “The Ball Aluminium Cup is a truly innovative product that has the potential to advance sustainability and reduce plastic waste at gatherings big and small. As we expand the cups’ availability to major retailers nationwide, we are seeing very strong consumer adoption and performance in the marketplace as we are launching this new, exciting product line.”

Aluminium cups available at retailers – and Amazon

The nationwide retail rollout follows the success of a limited pilot that began in 2019. Since then, the cups have been available in select retailers, restaurants as well as major sports and entertainment venues. The cups are also available on Amazon, where they are currently the top-3 best-selling product in the cups category.

The aluminium cup is designed for use at home and in other areas where disposable plastic cups are common, including indoor and outdoor venues across the country.

Infinitely recyclable and economically valuable, aluminium is the most sustainable beverage packaging material and, like aluminium cans, aluminium cups can be easily recycled. And what’s more: the aluminium cup is lightweight, sturdy and cool to the touch, and it can be customized with logos and graphics.

Ball is producing the cups domestically from its dedicated cups manufacturing facility in Rome, Ga. The product is available in 20-ounce and 16-ounce formats.

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