China Diecasting 2019: China on track to be world’s leading market

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China Diecasting 2019 will be taking place from 17 to 19 July at the Shanghai New International Expo Centre (SNIEC).

The theme of China’s leading die casting trade fair is Development and diversity of high-end die casting manufacturing technology. More than 500 exhibitors and 20,000 trade visitors are expected at the event and the display area is being extended once again. Already, more than 80 percent of the display area in the three exhibition halls at the modern SNIEC exhibition centre has been reserved. For the first time this year, the event will feature the Euroguss Pavilion, a collective stand organised by Nürnberg Messe that offers interested visitors or potential exhibitors the opportunity to take part in a business delegation to get to know the Chinese market and make valuable contacts.

In the meanwhile, China is by far the largest die casting market worldwide, and with around 28 million cars sold in 2018 it is also the biggest automobile market. This makes China increasingly important as a major client and sure source of revenue for manufacturers and suppliers. Volkswagen recently announced its new Jetta brand, which the company is set to produce exclusively for the Chinese market with its Chinese partner FAW. As a result the popular VW Jetta model will become a separate brand. Initially, the range will include a sedan and two SUVs with combustion engines, but electric cars may also be built in the future. The cars will be produced in China for the Chinese market. Other major carmakers have also long recognised that China is one of the most important markets in the world. China is regarded as the top growth market for the coming years.

‘Made in China 2025’ facilitates growth in Chinese die casting market

Lightweight designs, cars with alternative drive systems and new materials are specified as key factors in the government’s Made in China 2025 strategy. This will help the market for die cast parts continue to grow strongly and steadily. As far as weight is concerned, vehicles with alternative drive systems are subject to more stringent requirements than vehicles with combustion engines. This is why they mainly use lighter die-cast parts in aluminium alloys, because conventional steel designs, for example, would make the vehicle far too heavy. In the case of the Tesla S series, for instance, 95 percent of the vehicle structure is made of aluminium alloy.

This means that the market for die-cast structural components will continue to grow strongly in the next few years. The global demand for die casting for applications in the automotive segment is likely to increase from USD7.5 billion in 2015 to almost USD12 billion in 2021, with a mean annual growth rate of more than 7.8 percent. This is why the thematic focus of China Diecasting 2019 is on the automobile industry. But many other sectors like the electronics industry, machinery and equipment manufacturing, construction industry, and even toy producers or lighting manufacturers will also find potential suppliers at the trade fair.

Euroguss Pavilion and business delegation to China Diecasting

China Diecasting 2019 will for the first time feature a Euroguss Pavilion for Euroguss exhibitors. “As the organiser of Euroguss it is very important to us to help our exhibitors break into strategically important markets by providing them with various opportunities. One of these is to take part in the business delegation, and the other is to book a stand in the Euroguss Pavilion. So we are offering our customers a full service package,” says Christopher Boss, Exhibition Director and international product manager for Euroguss. Taking part allows exhibitors to become familiar with the Chinese market and establish and nurture contacts. The package includes comprehensive services and simplifies trade fair participation for the exhibitors so that they can concentrate fully on their business. The Euroguss Pavilion features a high-quality stand configuration designed to actively promote communication. The pavilion will also host presentation sessions.

Nürnberg Messe also offers interested visitors the opportunity to take part in a business delegation to China Diecasting 2019. The trip includes various components like hotel booking, visit to China Diecasting and a diverse supporting and evening programme, but also help with visas and English-speaking tour guide. A visit to a Chinese company associated with the die casting sector is also planned. The focus is on giving participants a comprehensive overview of the Chinese market and helping them to establish initial contacts or consolidate their existing network.

Attractive supporting programme at China Diecasting 2019

China Diecasting offers visitors a packed supporting programme. The exhibition will feature numerous relevant events and special display areas on the key topic “Development and diversity of high-end die-casting manufacturing technology”, including a themed route for “structural components”, for example. This presents the entire production process and the latest technologies for structural components and is designed for purchasing representatives and interested trade visitors. On this route, exhibitors conduct technical presentations or product demonstrations at their own stands.

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