China Zhongwang signs supply contract with Jaguar Land Rover

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China Zhongwang Holdings Ltd has signed a contract with Jaguar Land Rover for the supply of extrusion products. This agreement is the first collaboration between the two companies and marks China Zhongwang’s first step into the supply chain of automakers outside China.

A key supplier of aluminium products for Chinese high-speed trains, China Zhongwang has developed extensive know-how from aluminium alloying to welding techniques. With its one-stop solutions in design, research and development, production and assembly, the group has developed and supplied numerous aluminium solutions for a number of Chinese automakers. For example, China Zhongwang is the exclusive supplier of the aluminium-intensive car body for both Chery’s electric car eQ1 model and QiantuK50, the electric sports car, which was launched by CH-Auto Technology in August this year.

Lu Changqing, chairman and president of China Zhongwang, said: “The Group has become a tier-1 supplier to Jaguar Land Rover. China Zhongwang’s advantage lies in its comprehensive R&D capabilities, capacity that covers the entire production process, and thorough quality control system, which ensure its product performance meets the highest standard in the industry.”

China Zhongwang is the second largest extrusion manufacturer in the world and the largest in Asia. In 2017, the group expanded its business presence in the transport sector by acquiring Aluminiumwerk Unna AG, a leading aluminium extrusion manufacturer in Germany, and Silver Yachts Ltd, a large-scale all-aluminium superyacht builder, tapping into the end-use manufacturing in the marine sector as well.

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