Compact vacuum cleaner for operation in potrooms

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Hencon has launched ‘Evy’, the first serial produced compact vacuum cleaner with just one specification for operation in potrooms.

One of the toughest jobs in the aluminium industry is to keep the potroom clean – this is where Hencon’s latest development comes in: the first serial produced, compact vacuum cleaner Evy with just one specification.

The mobile cleaning machine relies on proven components and is designed for use in the dry, dusty and hot environment of prebaked and Söderberg potrooms. It has exceptional resistance to the magnetic field and harsh atmosphere. Therefore, the layout and suction tools have been specially adapted for operation in the potrooms and casthouses of primary aluminium smelters.

Vaccum cleaner for the clean and healthy workplace of a potroom

Evy’s special feature is to deliver a cleaner, healthier and more environmentally friendly workplace. The most challenging issue the aluminium industry encounters is the dust which remains invisible to eye, but this category of dust is highly unsafe for human health. Evy makes this job smooth without leaving any harmful residue, and it cleans without creating dust clouds, and causes less emission. The dust is collected and separated with maximal proficiency and safety with emphasis on very fine filtration, as this valuable dust is ready for re-use.

Technical details

The 1,600 mm width sucking nozzle with 1.2 m3 hopper capacity has a suction working pressure of 0.3 bar, and can be fully adjusted for optimal performance. The nozzle sealing flaps provide the perfect sealing, even on inferior and uneven floors. This technical concept assures dust-free cleaning, and it eliminates the use of more conventional rotating brushes. The compact size and short turning radius provide optimal manoeuvrability and create optimal flexibility in the operations. The reach in between structural pillars goes up to 500 mm side shift right side, keeping its performance flawless. When using the main nozzle, a 1,600 mm strip covered with a 3 mm thick layer of dry alumina will be cleaned in one go, at a drive speed of 4 km/hr.

Evy will only be offered as a one-model stock unit. This cost-efficient package with a sophisticated selection of options can be delivered quickly.

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