Constellium provides aluminium solutions for the new Audi A6

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Constellium supplies aluminium automotive body sheets (closures and inner parts) for the new Audi A6. For the doors as well as for the trunk of the new A6, Constellium provides Surfalex with high surface quality and particular hemming and roping properties, and Securalex P6, a high-tech crash absorption alloy, for the hood. This highly formable alloy has been designed to fulfil the most demanding pedestrian safety requirements.

“Constellium supports Audi in solutions not only for closures but also for body-in-white parts requiring specific crash and mechanical performance such as the ones offered by Securalex,” said Dieter Höll, vice-president of Global Automotive at Constellium.

Constellium is a long-time provider to Audi for both rolled products and structural components. This ongoing partnership showcases how aluminium continues to be a material of choice for automakers to lightweight vehicles for improved fuel economy, lower emissions and increased safety. By saving weight throughout the vehicle, automakers are able to integrate additional features that differentiate their vehicles for unique appeal to consumers.

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