Constellium supplies aluminium solutions for E-Tron GT

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Constellium has expanded its longstanding partnership with Audi to supply advanced aluminium solutions for the Audi E-Tron GT.

Constellium provides ASI-certified aluminium auto body sheet solutions for closures and inner parts, as well as extrusion-based components for the vehicle’s front and rear Crash Management Systems.

Constellium supplies ASI-certified aluminium for auto body sheet solutions

“We are very proud to partner with Audi for its battery electric E-Tron GT,” said Dieter Hoell, Vice President, Global Automotive for Constellium’s Packaging & Automotive Rolled Products business unit. “With its lightweight and energy absorption properties, aluminium is the ideal material for the growing market of electric vehicles. We have developed an integrated offer and unique solutions, both in rolled and structural automotive products, to provide our customers with high-performance products that achieve both safety and efficiency.”

Different aluminium solutions for Audi E-Tron GT

Constellium’s Surfalex auto body sheet solution, used for the rear doors and fenders of the Audi E-Tron GT, is particularly well suited for the vehicle’s design, as it allows bold styling while maintaining perfect surface aesthetics. Constellium’s Securalex solution, used for the hood inner, has a high-tech crash absorption capacity designed to fulfill the most demanding pedestrian safety requirements. Both auto body sheet solutions are supplied from Constellium’s plant in Neuf-Brisach, France.

Aluminium is the ideal material for the growing market of electric vehicles

Constellium HSA6, a family of high-strength 6XXX-series extrusion alloys used on the vehicle’s Crash Management Systems, is the ideal material to meet the demanding requirements of structural components in electric vehicles, as it provides additional strength in the event of a crash. The Crash Management Systems are produced at Constellium’s ASI-certified plant in Gottmadingen, Germany.

These products are also supplied for Audi’s first fully-electric model, the Audi E-Tron SUV, along with extruded components for the E-Tron’s battery enclosure and side impact beams. Aluminium extruded components make up the structure of the Audi E-Tron battery enclosure, providing the strength, crash and intrusion resistance required to safeguard EV batteries.

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