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In Taiwan, about 450 companies are active in the aluminum value chain, with customers coming from the motorcycle and bicycle, electronics and construction markets.

Short portraits of leading Taiwanese manufacturers provide information on the broad spectrum of the Taiwanese aluminium value chain and its products and services. Product inquiries can be made directly to the Taiwan association of Machinery Industry.

Right Way - Solutions from one source for the automotive industry

Right Way (RW) supplies high quality castings and forgings for the automotive and other industries. The company offers complete product development services from design to mass production. Right Way's manufacturing capabilities include aluminum casting, aluminum forging, surface treatment and high-precision machining.

Magnate - Specialist for CNC machining

Magnate from Taichung is a specialist in CNC machining and the manufacture of high-end products for OEMs and ODMs as customers. The company uses 2D and 3D forging techniques and is IATF 16949 and ISO 9001 certified. The customers come from the transport sector such as automotive, motorcycle or e-bikes with a special focus on the production of brake calipers, shock absorber heads, wheel hubs etc.

King Duan - Aluminium solutions for the automotive sector

King Duan is a specialist in automotive lightweight aluminium solutions and supplies customers in the automotive and agricultural industries worldwide with forged and machined steel and aluminium products. In view of the growth in sales of outdoor products, King Duan is also planning to expand its activities in this market.

Jiing Duen - Best service and quality

Jiing Duen specializes in manufacturing and CNC machining of aluminum die cast components, as well as extruded products and metal fittings. Jiing Duen's goal is to supply German and European customers in order to export its products worldwide. "We offer the best quality and service and deliver solutions with an excellent price-performance ratio," the company says.

CHC - Certified quality in aluminium forging

CHC (Chung Ho Cheng) from Taichung is a specialist in innovative forging technologies for aluminum and steel materials. The company is ISO/TS 16949:2009 certified for hot and cold forging, heat and surface treatment. CHC also develops tools for local forging companies in Taiwan. The company supplies products to industries such as automotive (85%), bicycle, motorcycle, railroad, agricultural and defense.

AMSpec - Partner around the aluminium pipe

AMSpec is specialized in the production of aluminum tubes. The company develops high-strength aluminum alloys that are used in various industries. AMSpec meets the versatile application possibilities of round tubes with many different diameters and alloys. AMSpec has developed key technologies and processes for alloy modification, refinement, gravity die casting, extrusion, rolling, drawing and heat treatment.

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