Edgar Gebhart second managing director for Step-G

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With immediate effect, Edgar Gebhart has been appointed the second managing director of aluminium specialist ST Extruded Products Group, or Step-G.

Edgar Gebhart is now second managing director alongside Markus Ogawa, who has been managing director of Step-G since August 2020.

Managing director Gebhart - more than 30 years’ experience in the aluminium industry

Gebhart draws on more than 30 years’ experience in various positions in the international aluminium industry. He has been with the group since 2011. Initially, he worked for Aleris International. After the takeover in 2015 by Japanese company Sankyo Tateyama, a manufacturer of extruded and cast products, he moved to Step-G. Gebhart became director Sales with responsibility for the entire sales area. He and his team offer innovative and sustainable aluminium solutions for use in various industrial applications. Customers include companies in the automotive and rail vehicle, aircraft, mechanical engineering and electrical engineering industries. Gebhart is responsible not only for the products and services from Step-G, but also for the BUG Aluminium-Systeme brand.

“With Mr. Gebhart, we have attracted an experienced and highly respected expert in the aluminium industry for senior management of the ST Extruded Products Group. We’re confident that, with his expertise and established network, he will help drive the long-term further development of Step-G,” said Markus Ogawa.

Focus on customer service and sustainability, among others

Gebhart is looking forward to his new responsibilities: “Our key challenge at Step-G in the coming years is to further develop and optimize the sustainable and future-oriented transformation of our entire value creation chain, right up to our customers. I can’t wait to shape this path together with our motivated employees in Europe and Asia.”

The future strategy of the joint leadership by Ogawa and Gebhart focuses on customer service and sustainability as well as digitization and optimization of Step-G’s internal and external processes. The two managing directors will also continue to steer the entire group so that it responds to future market demands and secures an excellent position on the aluminium market. One of the major drivers behind the company’s transformation process is today’s changing attitude in the field of mobility with a rapidly growing demand for sustainability. The corporate strategy is also geared towards further qualification of its sites as suppliers of products and components for the automotive and rail vehicle industry as well as in energy and general industry.

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