Elysis delivers first carbon-free commercial aluminium batch to Apple

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Alcoa-Rio Tinto joint venture Elysis has announced that the first commercial batch of aluminium without any direct carbon dioxide emissions will soon be shipped to Apple Inc. The carbon-free aluminium uses a revolutionary smelting technology, developed by the Alcoa-Rio JV. The batch will be shipped this month from the Alcoa R&D facility in Pittsburgh and be used in Apple products.

Vincent Christ, chief executive of Elysis, commented: “This sale is an important milestone for Elysis and a sign of our progress over our first year of operation. It confirms the market interest in aluminium produced using our breakthrough Elysis carbon-free smelting technology. We are continuing to progress further development of our technology, with our focus on bringing it to market to revolutionize the industry.”

However, neither revealed Apple which of his products will use the CO2-free aluminium, nor did Elysis say how much aluminium will be delivered to Apple.


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