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extrutec GmbH, the equipment supplier and technology partner of the extrusion industry, has long since made a name for itself as a specialist and innovator in thermal engineering. Its products are characterized by technological features that have become benchmarks and are innovative, customer-specific answers to the respective conditions in extrusion plants. They include gas furnaces for billet heating, which have often been sold in recent years as in-line furnaces in combination with induction heating, high-end profile cooling and artificial ageing ovens.

New market presence - new logo

The dynamic development that extrutec has undergone since the company was founded in Radolfzell on Lake Constance in 2005 has now been taken into account by the company with a new external image that covers everything from marketing to business stationery.

“A lot’s happened this year,” says Uwe Günter, the founder and executive partner of extrutec. “Covid-19 has also affected our business and business procedures somewhat, but we’ve used the time to process our orders from last year in a well-organized manner. We’ve built up our new product division, Induction Technology and Electric Furnace Engineering, with Stefan Beer and we’ve pushed so far ahead with our planned move to a new building with test laboratory attached that we’ll be able to carry out the move at the beginning of next year.”

Progressive market presence underlines dynamic company development

Günter explains what is behind the company adopting a new image: “extrutec has now been on the market for 15 years. During this time we’ve continuously developed and set new benchmarks in thermal engineering, whether it be in gas heating, the in-line furnace concept, profile cooling or, most recently, the water-based Eco Shower Unit (ESU) for preheating logs. We also want to underline this dynamic company development with a new, progressive market presence. Speed and flexibility are becoming increasingly important factors for success in a competitive environment. The new image should make it clear that extrutec is agile, in other words reacting to market demand and market changes fast and flexibly.”

A detailed report on the latest technological developments can be found in the International ALUMINIUM Journal November issue.

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