First HybrEx for Italy

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Estral Spa in Manerbio, Italy, has awarded SMS group a contract to supply a HybrEx28. This extrusion press is the second press the company has ordered from SMS group and the first one of the new HybrEx series for the Italian aluminium market. It extrudes aluminium billets with a maximum force of 28 MN and a top speed of 20 mm per second.

The HybrEx28 is one of a new generation of extrusion presses that features an innovative drive concept. Compared to conventional extrusion presses, hybrid drive technology significantly reduces energy consumption. Shorter dead cycle times mean productivity can be increased. As a result, the HybrEx28 fulfils the requirements of an ecoplants solution.

The HybrEx replaces conventional hydraulic drives for the axes of motion with high-speed electric servo drives in all areas where the speed of movement and acceleration are critical. The electric servo motors are faster and more energy-saving and allow for more precise positioning. Its really compact design is possible thanks to the hydraulic system concept developed for the HybrEx. The entire hydraulic drive unit can be integrated in the machine’s soundproof enclosure, which takes account of all aspects of operational safety and ensures better machine accessibility.

Estral produces standard profiles for a wide range of applications as well as complex, customized precision profiles for automotive applications. The HybrEx with its rigid, three-part triple-layer counter beam and the patented precision guide for container and moving crosshead provides the perfect conditions to achieve just that. The HybrEx28 is part of an overall order placed with Omav Spa for the supply of an integrated extrusion line. This includes a press feed line, a HybrEx extrusion press, a handling system including sophisticated quenching system, a profile stretcher, and a finishing saw. The new HybrEx press is scheduled to be delivered to Estral this year.

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