Forging lines installed for Chinese customer

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In the middle of the Corona pandemic, Schuler has installed two forging lines for a Chinese customer.

One of the forging lines has already been handed over to the customer and the other is about to be. This was made possible not least by remote maintenance and virtual commissioning, which allowed all functions to be simulated in advance on the computer and adapted to the customer’s needs. The screw press and the crank press forge aluminum chassis parts fully automatically. Schuler supplied the lines including the dies and furnaces.

Customer can call up production data of the forging lines via My Schuler portal

The production data of both lines can optionally be accessed via the ‘My Schuler’ portal from anywhere and at any time. The ‘Production Monitor’ displays the operating status and the current stroke rate. The ‘Press Force Monitor’ provides information about the load on the machine and die, ‘Drive Analytics’ enables operators to monitor the main drives and ‘Cooling Analytics’ allows them to monitor the cooling circuits. ‘Lubrication Analytics’ makes it possible to control the lubrication circuit including lubrication cycles, system pressure or oil temperature depending on the stroke rate. In this way, possible deviations can be detected at an early stage and quickly remedied.

Robust, precise, reliable and economical

Screw presses from Schuler feature a press force of between 250 and 28,000 t. The water-cooled servo direct drive transmits the torque of the motor without losses and offers a high level of robustness, precision, operational reliability and economy. The 750 to 16,000-tonne crank presses are particularly suitable for mass production. Depending on the specific requirements, the press frame as well as the drive system is designed for high manufacturing precision and high production rates.

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