Hueck invests in the reorganization of its warehouse

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The aluminium system house Hueck in Lüdenscheid, Germany, has largely invested in the reorganization of its accessories warehouse.

With the investment in the reorganization of the warehouse and its relocation to Schwerte, Hueck further optimized its customer service and positioned for the future. With the conversion to paperless order picking, the comprehensive project was successfully completed after one and a half years of preparation.

“In the previous accessories warehouse, there was neither expansion nor modernization potential for us,” explains Dimitri Lagun, head of Supply Chain Management at Hueck. With the new, scalable storage capacities, the company is not only future-proof and flexible, but was also able to design processes more efficient and digitally consistent. In cooperation with the logistics partner Schäflein Logistics, Hueck has now initiated paperless picking and route-optimized logistics.

Reorganized accessories warehouse has a storage area of 4,000 m2

The new accessories warehouse has a total of 3,800 pallet spaces and 1,800 shelf spaces available on a storage area of 4,000 m2. “If necessary, these capacities can still be expanded significantly, so that we remain flexible for the future,” says Lagun. The move of the warehouse will not change anything in the usual order handling for Hueck customers. “By optimizing and digitizing the processes, as well as better monitoring and controlling the inventory, we now offer significantly higher availability, shorter response times and more precise delivery,” he sums up.

The new warehouse has a total of 3,800 pallet spaces and 1,800 shelf spaces. Photo: Hueck

Bernd Schäflein board member of Schäflein Logistics, also praises the successful partnership: “We experience the cooperation with Hueck as very constructive, so that after a short start-up phase, the orders can now be delivered very quickly and precisely with high availability.” Right from the start, the focus of the process modelling was placed on the Hueck customers as the goods recipients.

New warehouse logistics reduces ecological footprint

The two companies are also working together efficiently in view of achieving the best possible environmental balance for the new warehouse logistics. “As part of the company-wide Hueck World Life Balance concept, we fundamentally strive for a responsible balance between economy and ecology,” says Lagun. He goes on to explain: “We rely on CO2-saving transport chains and careful use of resources, so that our supply chain also leaves the smallest possible ecological footprint.” Schäflein, with its environmentally friendly logistics concepts and many years of experience in this area, is an ideal partner for realizing this.

“With the reorganization of our accessories warehouse, we have made another major investment - both in the satisfaction of our customers and in the future of our company,” emphasizes Hueck managing director Thomas Polonyi.

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