Improved alloy composition for anodized facade panels

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Rusal has improved the alloy composition for anodized aluminium facade panels.

The new alloy composition for anodized aluminium facade panels helps enhance the quality of cladding products supplied to the building industry.

New alloy composition improves quality

As part of the project, the company has successfully mastered the production of slabs from an optimized alloy (5005A) at the Bratsk Aluminium Smelter. The alloy is made of low-carbon Allow aluminium and will be used for the production of facade panels.

Based on this development, Rusal’s partners can adapt the production of sheet for anodising to achieve a higher surface quality. The aim of the project is to reduce the percentage of rejections due to issues around the appearance of facade panels and to stabilize the colour shades of the anodic panel coatings.

Anodized aluminium façade panels convince with long service life

Aluminium panels are used for building facades and protect structures from adverse environmental conditions. The products have a long service life, low cost and can be used for claddings of buildings of complex shapes thanks to the high flexibility and plasticity of aluminium.

“Anodized aluminium panels are becoming an increasingly popular design solution in construction of modern residential, sports and industrial facilities. However, the products can change in colour and tone, which disturbs the aesthetic appearance of the building. The project will not only allow manufacturers of anodized panels to improve the quality of their products, but will also, in general, have a beneficial effect on the development of the domestic market,” said Roman Andryushin, deputy CEO of Rusal for Sales in Russia, CIS and China.

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