Innovative robot technology for metal fabrication

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Schüco, Bielefeld, has developed a robot technology together with Kuka that promises greater efficiency for production in metal fabrication.

In partnership with Kuka, a supplier of robotics and automation solutions, a robot technology for metal fabrication has been developed which provides autonomous loading and unloading, complementing the Schüco CNC machine by increasing precision, speed and dynamism. With the RX Load 500 robot cell, Schüco is combatting demographic change and the shortage of skilled workers in the metal fabrication industry, in order to ensure efficient fabrication and high quality in the long term.

Robot technology for metal fabrication

Schüco RX Load 500 offers autonomous loading and unloading, fully automated cutting and controlled processing of profiles. The robot is positioned behind the Schüco AF 500 five-axis CNC machine, moving along a linear axis with a maximum speed of 200 m per minute. In front of the machine is a moveable rack with space for up to 24 bars for storing profiles and finished components.

The Schüco Schücam control software is used to generate a loading list for the rack, which specifies where the employee should place each profile. The robot uses its gripper, which can bear loads of up to 36 kg, to take the profiles from the rack and load the machine. Following automatic cutting and processing by the Schüco AF 500 CNC machine, the cut profiles are unloaded and stored in the rack.

Minimum amount of space

The robot takes up a minimal amount of space and can also be retrofitted to an existing Schüco AF 500 CNC machine. The integrated control unit for the machine is already equipped with the module required for the robot cell; only the Sinumerik Run My Robot application software needs to be installed. An additional, space-saving safety fence ensures risk-free automatic operation. You can also switch between manual and automatic operation at any time.

Efficient fabrication with high quality

With Schüco RX Load 500, Schüco is combatting demographic change with an ageing workforce and the shortage of skilled workers in the metal fabrication industry. The robot cell takes care of physically demanding, time-consuming tasks that employees would otherwise do. Schüco RX Load 500 therefore makes work easier while optimising and speeding up the fabrication process. Delays in production can therefore be overcome and all processes harmonised. Freed-up capacity allows workers to focus on complex, quality-assurance tasks such as installation.




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