JW Aluminum to install new tension levelling and slitting line at Goose Creek plant

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Aluminium products manufacturer JW Aluminum, is investing USD8.5 million to install a new tension levelling and slitting line at its Goose Creek, South Carolina facility.

The new coil processing equipment from Red Bud Industries and Machine Concepts is designed to maximize output and increase efficiency. The tension leveller will also ensure optimum material flatness. Installation is scheduled for the third quarter of 2019 and will be fully operational by the end of 2019.
Illinois-based Red Bud Industries will manufacture the entire line with the exception of the tension leveller, which will be provided by Machine Concepts located in Minster, Ohio. Red Bud’s equipment features advanced controls and diagnostics that continuously monitor the line to ensure proper operation. The configuration of the line assures rapid coil loading, setup and threading. In addition, the line will include automation that will increase throughput and enhance the overall safety of the system. Technological innovations featured in Red Bud’s CNC programmable slitter allow for a fast setup of the slitter. Its ‘CamberTrac’ system assures that camber is not cut into the coil because the slitting head automatically tracks and moves with the material.

At 84 inches wide, the new line will also accommodate the increased coil width resulting from the new melters, caster and mill that will be installed next year and fully operational in 2020 as part of the expansion currently underway at the Goose Creek plant.

“This new leveling and slitting line will be one of the widest in the industry,” said Ryan Roush, chief commercial officer. “We’re looking forward to installing this new line in preparation for our future state width capability in 2020 and as importantly, continuing to provide the level of flatness that is critical to our customers.”

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