KPSNC books major for order e-motor housings in China

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The Rheinmetall joint venture KPSNC has won a major order for electromotor housings from China.

The order from a leading international automaker encompasses e-motor housings made of aluminium and represents lifetime sales well into double-digit euro-million territory. The aluminium castings will be installed modularly in the customer’s entire fleet of electrically powered vehicles. Production commences this months. The contract runs for a period of five years. The e-motor housings will be cast in Kunshan, China, and undergo final processing at the KPSNC Loutang plant in Shanghai.

Encompassing KS Huayu AluTech GmbH in Germany and Hasco KSPG Nonferrous Components (Shanghai) Co., Ltd (KPSNC) in China, Rheinmetall’s aluminium casting unit has accumulated many decades of experience in producing highly complex aluminium cast parts. It is now applying its extensive expertise to the rapidly expanding market for electrically powered vehicles.

Orders for e-motor housings – preferably in cast aluminium

This form of propulsion requires a multitude of completely new components such as housings for batteries and electromotors. Owing to their complexity, casting is the preferred method of producing them. Since the batteries of electric and hybrid vehicles are comparatively heavy, all of the other components basically have to be as light as possible, meaning that, in addition to lightweight steel materials, it is primarily aluminium housings that are used.

KPSNC had already received a major order for e-motor housings in November 2020, worth a three-digit million euro lifetime total. This contract extends for a period of six years. Serial production start is scheduled for June 2023 at the KPSNC plant in Guangde in China’s Anhui Province, where the sophisticated components will be cast and finished machined.

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