Lotte Aluminium expands capacity for battery foil

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The South Korean packaging material company Lotte Aluminium has increased production capacity for battery foil at its plant in Ansan, Gyeonggi Province.

The USD 23.7 million investment in response to growing demand for electric vehicle (EV) batteries increases the production capacity of cathode foil to 12,000 t a year.

Lithium-ion batteries consist of four key components: cathodes, anodes, electrolytes and separators. Cathode foils cover the cathodes, serving as a path through which electrons generated from cathode active materials travel. With high heat conductivity, cathode foils allow batteries to release the heat generated from inside to the outside. Lotte Aluminium is expected to sell the cathode foils to Korean EV battery makers.

Battery foil plant in Hungary to be opened next year

Earlier this year, in April, rolling mills manufacturer Achenbach Buschhütten received an order from Lotte Aluminium to establish a cathode foil plant in Hungary. At the 60,000-square-metre site at the Tatabánya industrial complex, thinnest aluminium foils as a carrier material for rechargeable batteries will be produced. The plant will offer a production capacity of 18,000 t per year and is scheduled for completion next year.


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