NA industry association launches aluminium campaign

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The Aluminum Association in North America has launched an aluminium campaign highlighting the environmental improvements the industry has made over 30 years.

The Choose Aluminium campaign of the aluminium industry association features a digital media ad buy, videos with workers and aluminium leaders, a new sustainability website and additional material highlighting the sustainable properties of the 100% recyclable, durable metal. The campaign follows the launch last month of the Aluminium Association’s brand-new website.

Choose Aluminium campaign highlights sustainable solutions

The ads, videos and website tell the story of how aluminium is providing sustainable solutions in the areas of recycling, automotive production, building and construction, beverage packaging and more. It also tracks how the North American aluminium industry has reduced its carbon footprint by more than half over the last 30 years.

“As we work toward a more circular and sustainable future, aluminium has to be at the forefront,” said Matt Meenan, senior director of external affairs at the Aluminum Association. “We sometimes forget about the everyday environmental benefits aluminium provides from the drinks we buy, to the buildings we live and work in, to the cars we drive. This campaign is a reminder that we have an infinitely recyclable, long-lasting, lightweight solution at our fingertips.”

Aluminum Association: industry invested USD3bn in US manufacturing

“The campaign is also a reminder of the tremendous strides the US aluminium industry has made to invest and grow while still reducing its carbon footprint in recent decades,” stresses Meenan. The US aluminium industry supports nearly 660,000 direct, indirect and induced jobs and nearly USD172bn in total economic output. Over the past decade, the industry has invested more than USD3bn in US manufacturing.

Aluminium is one of the most recycled materials in use today. An aluminium beverage can, car door or window frame is often recycled directly back into itself. And this process can happen virtually infinitely. As a result, nearly 75 % of all aluminium ever produced is still in use today. Aluminium’s highly recyclability and light-weight durability make it a key part of a more circular, lower carbon economy.

The aluminium industry is also making continuous improvements in the environmental efficiency of producing the metal. A third-party Life Cycle Assessment of North America aluminium can production done in May of this year showed that greenhouse gas emissions have dropped 40 % over the last 30 years.

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