New aluminium cold rolling mill for Bao Wu Aluminium

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SMS Group, Düsseldorf, Germany, has started up the new aluminum cold rolling mill at Bao Wu Aluminium Technology in China at an early stage.

SMS Group supplied a state-of-the-art cold rolling mill for aluminium strips to the Chinese aluminium supplier Bao Wu Aluminium Technology, which belongs to the Bao Wu Iron and Steel Group, the largest steel producer in China. The cold rolling mill was successfully put into operation by rolling the first coil at the company's location in Sanmenxia in the Chinese province of Henan. Despite the Corona pandemic, this milestone was reached faster than expected.

Cold rolling mill for aluminum strip up to 2,350 mm wide

The six-high cold rolling mill can process aluminium strips with a maximum width of 2,350 mm. The smallest final thickness of the finished strips is 0.15 mm. The plant was designed for an annual capacity of about 120,000 t.

Bao Wu Aluminium Technology Ltd. can roll a wide range of aluminium grades and alloys on the plant. Strip quality, plant productivity and the environmental compatibility of plant operation are ensured by the globally leading technologies installed by SMS Group.

Inductive roll barrel heating

The quality-determining rolling technologies include CVC plus in combination with positive and negative work and intermediate roll bending as well as inductive roll barrel heating. They enable a consistently high strip quality across the entire strip width for maximum yield. SMS supplied the complete mechanical, hydraulic and fluid power equipment including a Multi Plate filter of size MPF3-16, which supports the sustainable use of the rolling oil.

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