New Porsche plant in Halle with Smart Press Shop

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In addition to a servo press line, the new Porsche plant in Halle also has a state-of-the-art blanking line in the fully networked Smart Press Shop in Halle.

At the beginning of June, Porsche and Schuler have started the operation of a fully-connected press plant in East German Halle (Saale), apart from a servo press line with an output of up to 20 strokes per minute, the Smart Press Shop also features a state-of-the-art blanking line: a Laser Blanking Line 2.18 equipped with two cutting heads for processing strip material with a width of up to 1,880 mm.

New Porsche press plant in Halle is fully networked

Blanking lines with lasers do not require expensive and heavy blanking dies, which is why they are particularly suitable for the production of new parts or small batch sizes with frequent product changes. The continuously moving coil material is processed into blanks at high cutting speeds. Thanks to tooling-free scrap separation, a high output is also achieved. A gentle transport of sensitive materials such as aluminum is ensured, too.

Ideal solution for the Smart Press Shop

The Laser Blanking Line is the ideal solution for the "Smart Press Shop" in Halle, which focuses on the production of aluminum outer skin parts in small batch sizes. By recording various measured values of the system as well as the coil material and by smart marking of the blank, the line which supplies the blanks for the servo press line forms the point of departure for a "Track and Trace" system.

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