Novelis collaborates with Impression Technologies on HFQ hot stamping technology

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Novelis and Impression Technologies will jointly explore innovative ways to increase the broader adoption of aluminium through the hot stamping process. Impression Technologies has the exclusive rights to Hot Form Quench (HFQ), a unique technology used to design and manufacture components using ultra high-strength aluminium for the high volume automotive and transport markets.

This partnership reflects Novelis’ strategy to collaborate with partners across the automotive and aluminium industries that are developing products and processes to achieve innovative and cost-effective solutions for lightweighting vehicles. Novelis will utilize ultra high-strength alloys, such as 7000 series, that offer higher levels of strength and lightweighting to compete with hot formed Boron steel in a wide range of strength and safety driven parts of automotive structures. Impression’s HFQ hot stamping technology is an enabler for new vehicle design applications in both aluminium-intensive vehicles as well as mix-material architectures.

“Combining our most advanced high strength aluminium alloys with hot stamping allows automotive designers and engineers to push the limits of what is possible for next-generation vehicle architectures,” said Todd Summe, head of research and development at Novelis. “By leveraging the expertise of technology suppliers like Impression Technologies and others, Novelis is able to provide solutions to our customers’ most demanding requirements throughout their development journey.”

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