“Only Schuler meets our expectations”

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With a 630-tonne servo press, the Polish company Plasmet Czechowicz shortens the production cycle of parts by 30 percent

“The decision to buy a stamping line with a 630-tonne servo press was made after a long and thorough analysis,” says Jan Czechowicz, general manager of the medium-sized family company Plasmet Czechowicz in Kobylnica, Poland. And this analysis produced a clear picture: “It was found that only Schuler is able to meet our expectations.”

Plasmet has been on the market for 40 years. The company deals in the production of formed parts and components made from steel and aluminum, as well as in the production of control and measuring instruments and devices. The stamping dies, which are also made by Plasmet, are mounted on a servo press and ensure a perfect forming process. “The basic production profile is sheet metal stamping in 100 percent for the automotive industry, where 60 percent of our production is delivered to the first assembly line of cars,” explains Czechowicz.

High versatility and a high degree of innovation

On the new MSD 630 from Schuler, medium-sized extrusions with a sheet metal thickness of 0.5 to 6 mm are formed. The whole line is characterized by a high versatility and a high degree of innovation – thus, according to Czechowicz, an employee does not have to intervene in the entire process until the finished part: “The operator's work consists mainly in setting the parameters and in observing the process.”

“Due to the variable speed of the slide, the cycle of making parts is shorter by approximately 30 percent, while the quality is improved”, Czechowicz continues. “This is particularly noticeable with deep drawn parts.” And the servo press features more innovative solutions: the use of a third motor, for instance, to collect excess electricity instead of capacitors resulted in a reduction of 50 percent in electricity consumption and increased the durability of the power system.

“Also noteworthy is the timely and high level of technical service at the assembly, training, commissioning and production stages”, Czechowicz adds. Plasmet already plans to buy the next press: “It will certainly be Schuler again.”

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