Otto Junker receives order from Henan Tongren Aluminium Industrial

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The Chinese company Henan Tongren Aluminium Industrial Co., Ltd has placed an order with Otto Junker GmbH in Lammersdorf, Germany, jointly with its subsidiary, Otto Junker Metallurgical Equipment, Shanghai, for the supply of a horizontal solution heat treatment (HHT) line with water quench for aluminium plates for the aircraft industry.

Measuring approx. 150 metres in overall length, the line will be able to handle plates up to 38 metres long and up to 4.4 metres wide. The minimum plate thickness to be annealed is 4.5 mm. The 14-zone furnace has a special airflow system ensuring uniform plate heating. The process includes the application of hot air to the top and underside of the plates.

The main quench is a special two-in-one system: a hard quench and soft quench are integrated with each other so as to provide a different cooling process (in terms of heat transfer, cooling gradient, etc.) according to demand. While the furnace heats the product in batches, quenching is performed as a continuous process. Start of production for the new line is scheduled for the first quarter of 2020.

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