Preparations for Euroguss 2022 in full swing

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Preparations are in full swing for Euroguss 2022, to be held at the Exhibition Centre Nuremberg from 18 to 20 January 2022.

In addition to the preparations for the trade fair, the 'Die Casting Industry Forum' will be launched in November 2020, offering businesses in the sector quick tips and assistance in finding their way out of the current crisis.

Euroguss is the central meeting place in Europe for the die casting industry, providing stimuli for the entire sector, and is an important platform for sharing professional knowledge and innovations. The registration stage for exhibitors is already in progress, and businesses can still benefit from an early booking discount until 31.10.2020.

Nürnberg Messe, organizer of the forthcoming Euroguss 2022, is once again planning to take up four halls for the event and provide an extensive supporting programme. A series of competitions, special exhibition areas and pavilions will all serve to illustrate the variety and excellence of the die casting sector. Already standing out as clear focal points for 2022 are topics like additive manufacturing, the influence of micromobilty as a trend, and once again the impacts of e-mobility on the die casting sector. Motorized vehicles in micro format, like e-bikes, pedelecs and scooters, are enjoying a boom, thanks in part to a change in leisure activities in the post-coronavirus age. There has also been a noticeable increase in new electric car registrations recently, to more than 15,000 in July 2020.

Success strategies and forward-looking plans on the agenda

“Euroguss 2022 is clearly an event not to be missed in this sector, and one that appeals to all die casting foundries, their suppliers, and of course all buyers of die-cast components,” comments Christopher Boss, Director and International Product Manager of Euroguss at Nürnberg Messe. “The next edition of the fair in January 2022 comes at a particularly fascinating time, when it will be possible to look back and learn from the crisis and, more importantly, look forward together to the future. Success strategies and forward-looking plans will be important topics for Euroguss 2022, and that also goes for the format of Euroguss itself, as we are looking closely at what additional online services will enhance and meaningfully complement the in-person event. The Spotlightmetal online portal that we launched in 2018 gives us a very good starting point.”

At the beginning of 2020, before the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic, Euroguss 2020 was still able to take place as usual. This event, the European summit meeting of the die casting sector, brought 758 exhibitors and around 15,000 trade visitors to the four exhibition halls in January. More than half of the exhibitors came from abroad, with the majority of the international participants in Euroguss attending from other parts of Europe as usual.

Die Casting Forum offers “impetus from the crisis”

To keep the conversation going during these turbulent times in particular, and to support the die casting sector as it finds its way toward economic recovery and a new direction, the first Die Casting Industry Forum will take place before the year is out, on 4 and 5 November 2020. This top-level event for decision-makers is limited to about 100 participants, and is organized under the aegis of the Spotlightmetal online platform, a joint venture between Nürnberg Messe and Vogel Communications Group. Its theme is “Impetus from the crisis”, and it will look at current challenges and potential solutions in terms of innovations and opportunities. Franz-Josef Wöstmann (Head of the Department for Early Technology Detection and Recycling, Fraunhofer Institute for Manufacturing Technology and Advanced Materials IFAM) will be the technical director of the Forum.

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