Prestigious Gold Medal marks the distinguished career of Prof. Geoff Scamans

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Innoval Technology’s chief scientific officer, Prof. Geoff Scamans, has been awarded the Gold Medal by The Institute of Materials, Minerals and Mining (IOM3) in their Annual Awards.

IOM3’s Gold Medal is a premier award presented to a company, team or individual who has made a significant contribution to the industrial application of materials.

Geoff’s remarkable record of internationally acclaimed, multidisciplinary research spans several decades and every element of the materials cycle. While he is perhaps best known for his pivotal work on surface engineering and corrosion mechanisms in aluminium alloys, work that remains the leading reference material on the subject to this day, he has also campaigned tirelessly for sustainable manufacturing and efficient use of materials. Through his work at Innoval Technology, Geoff has been responsible for over 20 successful collaborative research projects over the past decade. These projects span applications from transport to construction, packaging, energy and defence. They have delivered major technological advances, including the development of high-performance alloys with excellent mechanical properties and structural integrity that can be fabricated using 100% recycled content.

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