Primetals Technologies modernizes continuous heat treatment line at Amag rolling ·

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Amag rolling GmbH in Ranshofen, Austria, has awarded Primetals Technologies the order to modernize the continuous heat treatment line no. 2. This involves renewing the electrical and automation equipment as well as replacing and adding instrumentation and control components. The safety equipment will also be brought up to the state-of-the-art.

The modernization aims at using standardized solutions to simplify maintenance, increase availability and install safety equipment complying with the requirements of the machine safety ordinance. In previous years, Primetals Technologies successfully implemented a number of similar projects in Ranshofen. The modernization of the furnace is scheduled for completion in the fourth quarter of 2019.

The main components of the continuous heat treatment line are a coil preparation system, a strip infeed with uncoiler, a stitcher and strip looper, a strip flotation furnace, the strip outfeed with strip looper, an inspection section and a coiler. Primetals Technologies constructed the plant at the end of the 1990s. It now contains obsolete components, which make optimal maintenance more difficult in respect of availability and the procurement of spare parts.

Primetals will replace the control systems and controls for the strip processing and furnace, switchgear, cables and sensor system, and equip the plant with new visualization and diagnostic facilities. Furthermore, control containers, hydraulic components, railings and doors with guard locking will be added. The comprehensive renewal of the electrical systems and automation with standardized solutions will significantly simplify maintenance. The renewal and expansion of the safety equipment will create another significant benefit by simplifying the operation and maintenance of the plant by making operating conditions safer.

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