Product line Amag Al4ever with low CO2 footprint

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Amag Austria Metall AG has launched a new product line, which stands for a very low CO2 footprint.

The product line - Al4ever – for rolled and cast aluminium products guarantees a specific footprint of less than 4t CO2/t of aluminium produced. The star of the new product line –Al4ever star – also guarantees a footprint of less than 2t CO2/t of aluminium produced for selected applications. Compared to conventionally manufactured products of the same quality, this results in significant CO2 savings.

Scrap input rate up to 80 %

Both product categories are only achievable with a high recycled content and primary aluminium produced with electricity from hydropower. Amag can ensure this with its recycling expertise, coupled with a 20 % stake in the Aluminerie Alouette smelter in Canada.

With state-of-the-art smelter production and recycling facilities in Ranshofen, more than 40 years’ experience in aluminium recycling, and a scrap input rate of between 75 and 80 %, Amag is a world leader in this area.

The company guarantees its customers the low emission values of Al4ever products, confirmed by a certificate issued by external auditors.  Al4ever products are attracting great interest among customers, says Amag. Successful sales figures have already been achieved in the commercial vehicle, industrial components, ski and car wheel sectors, which confirms the trend towards CO2-optimised aluminium.

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