Reimann: Good order situation with positive outlook

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Industrial manufacturer Reimann takes off after a subdued first half and receives several major orders, the order situation is good with a positive outlook.

Reimann GmbH concludes a restrained first half of 2021 with a good order situation also with a positive outlook to 2022. The industrial manufacturer has been able to secure several orders in the furnace refurbishment sector since the beginning of the second half of the year. As a result of the new orders, capacity utilization is secured until the end of 2022 and the beginning of 2023.

First half of 2021: Time for internal reorganization of production

"The Corona pandemic also caused a subdued first half-year for us," reports Jürgen Kreutzer, Managing Director of Reimann GmbH. "The economic crisis triggered at the beginning of the year led to a lower order intake. In addition, the procurement of raw materials for production became more difficult. Since the end of the summer, we have noticed that the economy is picking up again, so we can see a positive outlook for 2022. However, we have used the time to restructure our halls internally in order to optimize processes and increase efficiencies in production. We are therefore well equipped for the coming year," Kreutzer continues.

Good order situation with positive outlook

Reimann GmbH was commissioned with the mechanical construction of a new deep furnace at Alunorf. Reimann is responsible for the demolition and construction of the new furnace including the technical insulation. For the new construction of the deep furnace, about 140 tons of partly heat-resistant material will be processed and prefabricated at Reimann over a period of approx. 8 months. The subsequent assembly will take place on site at the customer's premises. The aim is to improve energy efficiency and reduce the heating time.

In addition, the replacement of an intermediate wall at another deep furnace near Alunorf is projected for 2022.

Manufacture of furnace lids

After Reimann was able to produce furnace lids for the first time in 2019, the company has now received another order for the production of several furnace lids. In a production time of four months, including work preparation, the furnace lids for the industrial furnaces will be produced, provided with the required insulation and then assembled on site at the customer. Die Auftragslage bei Industriefertiger Reimann ist gut, berichtet Geschäftsführer Jürgen Kreutzer, und ist mit dem Ausblick auf das kommende Jahr zufrieden.






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