Rheinmetall Automotive supplying mobile communications market with Transmitter boxes for 5G network

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Rheinmetall Automotive AG, a first-tier automotive-industry supplier belonging to the Rheinmetall Group, is systematically expanding its activities to include new product categories outside the automotive industry. Through its Chinese joint venture Hasco KSPG Nonferrous Components Co., Ltd. (KPSNC), founded in 2001, the company has recently been awarded a contract to manufacture aluminum housings for the 5G network.

KPSNC is producing die-cast aluminum housings for a well-known international company in the field of mobile communications. A large proportion of the housings are being assembled and then delivered by KPSNC to the customer ready for use. The company is thus establishing itself as a competent supplier of castings to be used in setting up the 5G network worldwide.

The company will supply the components in quantities well into the six-digit range before the end of 2020. The initial order now placed has a total value of around €150 million. For Rheinmetall Automotive, this order represents an important step into a completely new and, above all, fast growing and promising industry, which has a high potential for growth in the next years. Experts have calculated that a nationwide 5G network, for example, simply for the Chinese market, would require a double-digit million transmission masts.

The reason for choosing the supplier for the manufacture and assembly of the housings was the experience of this auto-industry specialist accustomed to the very

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