Rotamat with new volumetric flow rate control

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The new Rotamat R 85 from Walther Trowal regulates the volume flow automatically.

At the Paint Expo 2022 Walther Trowal introduces the new Rotamat R 85 equipped with the new volumetric flow rate control of the coating material. This increases the overall stability of the coating process for mass produced small parts, ensures absolute repeatability of the paint application and simplifies the equipment operation.

With volumetric flow rate sensor

Over many years the Rotamat coaters from Walther Trowal have proven to produce excellent coating finishes on mass produced small parts made from elastomers, metal or wood. Effective immediately the Rotamat R 85 will be equipped with a volumetric flow rate sensor for the respective coating material: It provides precise measurements in real time for the exact control of the volumetric coating material flow rate down to a tenth of a gram per minute.

To date the pressure in the inlet air piping to the spray nozzle(s) was the control variable. In the new Rotamat R 85 coater the flow rate of the coating material has become the main control parameter: Depending on the measurements of the new sensor the pressure is adjusted to a value that maintains a constant volumetric flow rate of the coating material. This guarantees that the coating operation always takes place with the predefined material quantity and ensures that the desired coating thickness can be precisely and reliably maintained throughout the entire process.

Automatic control of the volume flow

The actual volumetric flow rate is displayed on the newly configured touch panel, and any deviations are immediately indicated. Another benefit of the new control system is that it allows maintaining the exact duration of the preset cycle time for the coating operation.

Frank Siegel, sales manager “coating technology” at Walther Trowal, predicts that with the new flow rate control system the customers will gain significant advantages: „The employees at a pilot customer reported that with the new control system they can quickly recognize any process faults and can immediately take corrective action. For example, they can quickly clean clogged spray nozzles without having to interrupt the coating process for a long time.“





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