Rusal finalizes construction of BoAZ casthouse

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Russia’s aluminium producer Rusal announces the upcoming completion of the 120,000-tonne casthouse at the Boguchansky aluminium smelter (BoAZ).

The alloys to be produced at the new casthouse will serve customers from the automotive industry. The first metal is expected to be produced in the second half of 2019.

According to IHS Markit research, the global production of automobiles will grow to 110 million cars by 2025, adding 15 million units in 2019. In parallel with these development, the ongoing process of lightweight construction generates new aluminium applications in cars, such as structural components. Additional demand for aluminium alloys comes from electric vehicles, where the usage of primary aluminium alloys could exceed 40 kg per car.

Against this background, the timing is perfect for Rusal to expand its casthouse capacities. The launch of a Properzi production line at BoAZ will help meet the demand for foundry alloys for the automotive industry. The largest demand for foundry alloys based on primary aluminium comes from Germany, Japan, USA, Turkey, South Korea and other countries.

“The alloys produced at this smelter are in high demand in both domestic and international markets. Therefore, we are confident that the launch of the new casthouse will enable us to increase our clients and supply of these high-tech alloys to the automotive industry,” said Rusal’s CEO, Evgenii Nikitin.

The first BoAZ potline opened in March 2019 and has a capacity of 298,000 tpy. The smelter is part of the Boguchansky Energy and Metals Complex (Bemo), a joint venture with RusHydro.

Bemo is the largest energy and metals investment project in the world and the first example of a large scale public-private partnership in the country. About 10,000 jobs have been created at Bemo. Rusal financed the construction of accommodation for the employees at the smelter, and also invested in the infrastructure at Tayozhny.

Investing in the surrounding communities has always been an integral part of Rusal’s corporate policy. Since 2015, BoAZ employees have been provided with 470 apartments, and soon the construction of several blocks of apartments, with 320 apartments in total, will be complete. The town will also have two playschools each accommodating 250 children, a school and a hospital.

About the Bemo project

The Boguchansky Energy and Metals Complex (Bemo) comprises the Boguchansky aluminium smelter and Boguchanskaya Hydropower Plant. The Bemo project was completed in record time. The first hydroelectric units went into operation in 2012 and achieved its designed capacity of 2, 997 MW in 2015. The production capacity of the first potline of BoAZ is 298,000 tpy of aluminium, and the investment amounted to USD1.6 billion. The project is being financed by Rusal and RusHydro’s funds and by the State Development Corporation VEB.

The Boguchansky aluminium smelter is one of the largest and most modern metal production facilities in Russia. The smelter is located in central Russia, in the Krasnoyarsk region (Boguchansky district), and spans 2.3 square kilometres (231 hectares).

The production equipment installed at the Boguchansky aluminium smelter meets the most up-to-date international environmental requirements and is certified by the ISO 14001 international environmental management standard. The smelter is designed to meet Rusal’s health, safety and environmental policy to promote an integrated approach to reducing emissions. Any environmental issues or challenges have been identified and solved at each stage of the aluminium production process.

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