Rusal supplies low-carbon aluminum to Alu Rheinfelden

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Aluminium Rheinfelden will be supplied with low carbon aluminum by Rusal from August 2021.

Rusal will supply its Aluminium Rheinfelden plant with low-carbon aluminum under the brand name Allow. According to Rusal, this will significantly improve the sustainability of the manufacturer of aluminum alloys, semi-finished products and carbon-based components. The first shipments of “Allow” aluminium are expected to be supplied in August 2021.

Supply of low carbon aluminum under the brand name Allow

The use of Allow, which Rusal says has one of the lowest carbon footprints in the industry, is expected to help improve the profile of Rheinfelden's proprietary alloys, bring new opportunities to grow the business, boost competitiveness and provide customers with a fully transparent and independently verified Carbon Footprint for their key components.

According to Rusal, Allow's carbon footprint is less than 4 t CO2/t Al, while the world average is currently around 12 t CO2/t Al (Scope 1 and 2 in smelting).

Rusal took over Aluminium Rheinfelden in the first half of 2021

Aluminium Rheinfelden was acquired by Rusal earlier this year. As well as enhancing the manufacturing of alloys, the combination of Allow aluminium and Rheinfelden’s recycling capabilities is expected to increase the sustainability of its class-leading semis production.

August sees the start of deliveries of low carbon aluminum

Steve Hodgson, Director of Sales and Marketing, added: “Delivering sustainable aluminium solutions is part of Rusal’s long-term growth strategy, and by providing Aluminium Rheinfelden with our low-carbon aluminium Allow, this will have far reaching implications for reducing the carbon footprint of products across a variety of sectors. From the automotive industry, which is at an advanced stage of low carbon-led development, to the container industry, the trend towards more sustainable production is only strengthening and this supply partnership will bring enormous benefits for downstream customers.”

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