STAS acquires Sermas Industrie

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Chicoutimi, Quebec-based STAS Inc. has acquired Sermas Industrie, which is located in St Quentin Sur Isère, near Grenoble in France.

Sermas develops a complete range of equipment for the manufacture of cast aluminium products and is a leader in the sawing of large materials for the aluminium industry. Its product range includes:

  • Complete sawing equipment for ingots, billets and aluminium T-bars including handling, weighing, marking and chip processing
  • Milling machines for the manufacture of cast or rolled aluminium plates
  • Sealing benches to produce cathodic blocks used in electrolysis pots
  • Anode preparation equipment
  • Sawing equipment for copper bars, carbon blocks and graphite.

Sermas Industrie was established in 1972 and has been active in the aluminium industry since 1983. More than 500 Sermas units are in operation around the world. The company employs around 40 people.

The acquisition is another step of STAS to become a key player for the aluminium industry by offering turnkey, reliable and robust solutions to its customers: aluminium smelters, rolling mills, extrusion plants, forging plants, recyclers, distribution centres and the carbon industry.

Founded in 1989, STAS today has more than 160 employees and designs and commercializes high-tech equipment in more than 40 countries. With more than 1,500 equipment units in operation and thousands of individual solutions, the company is recognized for its innovative qualities and engineering expertise adapted to the aluminium sector. The equipment offered by STAS relates to six main segments of the aluminium industry: smelter technologies, molten metal handling technologies, casthouse technologies, automation, engineering, and since 2018 casting and material handling equipment through the acquisition of technologies from o.d.t. Engineering.

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