STAS Inc. purchases technologies from o.d.t. Engineering

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Canadian-based STAS Inc., a process equipment supplier for the global aluminium smelting industry, has purchased technologies from o.d.t. Engineering. The Australian company is specialized in the design and supply of casting and material handling equipment and production consumables for aluminium and magnesium casthouses. The company enjoys an enviable reputation for design innovation, efficiency and quality fabrication and is, like STAS, a family-owned company.

Since the late 1980s, STAS’s mission is to partner with its customers from the aluminium industry to help them achieve their production goals with various equipment and solutions for the casthouse as well for the electrolysis, carbon and crucible shop areas. This transaction further establishes STAS as a full-stack supplier of innovative equipment for the aluminium sector and paves the way for new business opportunities to come in the world of the highly demanded light metal.

The sale and transfer of the purchased assets include the capacity, without limitation, to operate the business exclusively worldwide and brand the name od.t. Engineering, with the exception of repair and spare parts for existing equipment and repair services. For equipment sold from now on, the after-sales service of STAS is responsible. Assets purchased include: ingot casting and stacking for aluminium (ICS) and magnesium (ingot weight range between 6-25kg); sow casting and stacking (SCS) for all sow ingot weight range, including mould, pouring, skimming and vacuum sow removal.

STAS will from now on engage in the marketing, sales and fabrication of new equipment related to the acquired technologies as well as any equipment upgrades with the support of key personnel for this phase of transition. O.d.t. Engineering also grants an exclusive and perpetual right of use of its name to STAS for the continuation and operation of the business.

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