Ultromex remediates salt slag landfill site in Europe

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Ultromex has signed a contract with Rio Tinto to remediate a salt slag landfill site in Europe.

The company, together with its partner EJM Hydrovac, will remediate (excavate, process and re-instate) the salt slag landfill site in France during the next three years. This multi-million euro contract will treat 65,000 t of salt slag waste.

Nigel Seddon, CEO of Ultromex commented: “The signing of this major contract is the result of more than three years hard work by the Ultromex and EJM teams, including a pilot trial which validated and demonstrated to Rio Tinto the effectiveness of our Saltromex process for remediating slag. The Ultromex plant will be built during 2021 and will be capable of processing the waste at a rate of 18 tonnes per hour.” He is confident that this project will open up many future projects in Europe and around the world.

Proven technology to remediate salt slag landfill

Many aluminium smelting wastes are hazardous in nature and historically were routinely landfilled before the EU and other regions changed regulations to prohibit further landfill. There are many such landfills in existence around the world and, where they cause environmental issues, Ultromex has a proven solution to resolve the problem.

The company, based near Liverpool in Englad, offers a range of technologies to treat and recycle aluminium smelting wastes, such as dross, salt slag, SPL and filter dusts as they arise at the smelter, or in this case, where they have been stockpiled or landfilled in the past.

Specialist in the treatment of aluminium industry waste

Ultromex specializes in the development of innovative technologies for cost effective treatment of aluminium industry waste streams and the recovery of valuable materials. The company has assembled a team of engineers and chemistry experts to work with both primary and secondary aluminium smelters designing, building, installing and operating plants to treat a range of aluminium industry wastes including dross, salt slag (salt cake) and spent pot lining.

Delivering for clients across the globe, Ultromex has projects running in the Middle East, Europe and the Nordics.

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