Universal annealing, aging and air SHT furnace

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Ultimate and flexible solution for very demanding heat treatment of 7xxx series aluminum alloys to T7x condition for aviation and automotive industry.

T7x SWSA furnace is designed for annealing and ageing, as well as air solution with controlled ramp cooling. Due to its very universal construction, the furnace allows for various processes in a wide temperatures range of 100-550*C. Additionally, controlled cooling allows for very effective cooling of heating chamber (even 100C/h) fulfilling defined process requirements, as well as multi stage recipes with various set points.

Unique reversive design of atmosphere distribution guarantees constant heat transfer between left and right side of the load, maintaining the desired temperature uniformity. Atmosphere distribution slots on both side walls guarantee +/-10% air flow uniformity between the furnace zones including the heating phase.

State of the art control system and measuring equipment complies with strict AMS norms for 1 class furnace. Very precise temperature control allows to achieve previously impossible properties of aluminum alloys. As the furnace exceeds the requirements of automotive norm CQI-9, it can be used for heat treatment of automotive parts with special requirements concerning the mechanical properties, for instance race or concept cars parts. Additionally, the furnace meets the requirements of special type ageing of alloys 7xxx series (i.e. 7049,7149, or 7050)  to state T7x.

Due to the use of high energy efficiency drives of all the electrical elements and full regulation of individual heating zones, it is possible to minimize electrical losses, which significantly affects the maintenance costs of the unit.


  • Compact furnace construction allows for minimizing the installation area
  • Simple and effective load tray design guarantees flawless operation
  • Superior accuracy and process repeatability
  • High class insulation materials used allow for low energy loss and high process efficiency, thus minimizing the production cost
  • Heating elements unique installation manner and size guarantee high heat transfer efficiency

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