Vimetco produces first billet on new extrusion line

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Alro’s downstream subsidiary Vimetco Extrusion has completed the installation of a new 7-inch extrusion press line.

The installation follows an investment of EUR10m since the start of this project in March 2021. Vimetco Extrusion has just successfully tested the new equipment by extruding the first billet on this line. This new line for aluminium profiles is the third one for the company.

New extrusion line increases capacity by 11,000 tpy

The new extrusion line will increase Vimetco Extrusion’s production capacity by 11,000 tpy.  Total capacity will be 35,000 tpy by the end of 2022. The company is one of the largest vertically integrated aluminium producers in Europe.

“This is yet another step towards increasing the portfolio of high and very high value-added products, while consolidating the relationship with our customers by offering them a reliable, long-term partner capable of delivering tailored products and services”, says Marian Nastase, chairman of Alro’s board of directors.

Extrusion line for profiles up to 60 metres in length

The new extrusion line is highly efficient in terms of production capabilities and reduced energy consumption. The entire process is automated, being able to extrude profiles up to a length of 60 metres, with a speed of 50 m/min, while having one of the lowest consumption of natural gas on the market. The press is equipped with an efficient energy-saving system and with independently operating water and air-cooling zones designed to efficiently allocate resources.

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