Hydro still affected by cyber-attack

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Following the extensive cyber attack earlier this week, Hydro has made further progress in securing safe and stable operations across the company.

“Our experts are step by step restoring business critical IT based functions to ensure stable production, serve our customers and limit financial impact, while always safeguarding our employee’s safety,” says CFO Eivind Kallevik.

The root cause of the problems has been detected, a cure has been identified, and together with external partners, including national security authorities, Hydro’s experts are working on reverting virus infected systems back to a pre-infected state.

“Experts from Microsoft and other IT security partners have flown in to aid Hydro in taking all necessary actions in a systematic way to get business critical systems back in normal operation,” says Jo De Vliegher, head of Information Systems.

There have been no reported safety incidents as a result of the cyber attack, and most operations are running, ensuring deliveries to customers according to specification, with some more manual operations than normal, says Hydro.

The attack has been reported to Norway’s National Investigation Service (Kripos) and the police have opened an investigation. Although progressing from day to day, it is still not clear how long it might take restore stable IT operations.


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